Women’s Empowerment Track

For an economy to grow in an equitable manner, women must have the right support mechanism to participate in the economy without jeopardising their wellbeing. However, there is still a lot of space for improvement in terms of conducive infrastructure and holistic conceptualisation to encourage women to play an active role in the economic integration of ASEAN.

Therefore, it is crucial for women to consider and to commit to work-life balance if the economies of ASEAN are to grow and prosper.


// Striking the Right Balance between Women and ICT

Martha is currently the CEO of IWITA Business Consulting and executive director to the Indonesian Information Technology Federation (FTII), an association which members are IT organizations all over Indonesia, focusing on the development of IT industry and also the use of IT in a wider and more comprehensive manner and also a Founder of the Indonesian Women IT Awareness Association

(IWITA) with main responsible providing leadership in developing the association’s program, women empowerment in ICT as well as Small Medium Enterprise.

Martha has a strong background in event management of large international events. She used to be the project leader for annual ICT Business Forum Indonesia-Korea organized by Korea Association

and Information of Telecommunication (KAIT) between 2002-2006 and Korea-Indonesia Conference and Business Forum in 2011.

Recently, she organized the Taiwan ICT Trade Meeting between 2010-2014, Thai ICT Roadshow in 2011 cooperate with Software Park Thailand, develop, creator program for ADOC (APEC Digital Opportunnity Center) Taiwan and Head of Program SEREMPAK initiate by Women Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry of Republic Indonesia and Consultant in Women empowerment Activity especially in ICT.

Source: asean-wlb.net